Half marathon race, relay (5km)EKO-MAČAK polumaraton, štafeta (5km)

This half marathon race was completed about month ago, so I'm sorry for late report. The race was organized by my club and I made team with my brother and we finished race as a relay. Because of m [...]

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Look through the seasonNa kraju sezone

One more season is finished, and I am satisfied one more time but I think I can be much better. Before the start of the season I had problems with injuries, I got over it and finished in the way I f [...]

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My new sponsorMoj novi sponzor

After four years of practicing triathlon, my friend Ognjen looked for some sponsors for me; and he found it! I would like to say thanks him because this is really important thing for me. It's so mot [...]

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Novi Sad marathon, 10.5K raceNovosadski maraton, trka na 10.5km

After my last triathlon race in Alanya I did only one running session for this race. The race is part of Novi Sad marathon and its name is 'Fun race 10.5km' and it's actually 11.5K. Stupid! My goal [...]

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Junior European Cup, Alanya (Turkey)Juniorski Evropski Kup, Alanya (Turska)

Junior European Cup in Alanya was my last triathlon race of the year and last for the firts junior year. I hoped that I will do it better than any EC before, I belived in good result. My goal for [...]

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