From a course record in the United States to silver medal at Balkan Champs

Since I had some issues during the winter I started training well in late February but still managed to pull out great performances and achieve some valuable results. Once I got committed and started training without any major health problems everything started going by the coach’s plan and upwards.

But before I start typing about every single race of 2017 bellow this passage, I want to thank to my coach Sonni Dyer from studio7multisport. I want to thank him for everything he has done for me, all the trainings he has sent me, all the patience and many other things. His support ment a lot to me. Also thank to my family, friends and roommates (they know who they are 🙂 ).

Enjoy the reading:

Valdese triathlon – Valdese, NC (USA)
First on the menu was Valdese Triathlon in North Carolina where I took long-standing course record from coach Sonni. I also realized that my fitness was there for the Collegiate National Championships in Tuscaloosa, AL.
Collegiate nationals – Tuscaloosa, AL (USA)
I had high hopes going there but returned little bit disappointed. Good swim, third out of the water, but I probably spent more energy than I should have had and couldn’t bike and had bad breathing issues on the run. To make matter worse I racked the bike wrong way and had 2-minute time penalty, all of that costed me a lot and I finished 34th out of around 1000 competitors. The result made me little bit angry and is my current biggest motivation for training.

National triathlon championships – Belgrade, Sebia
Good training kept the flow in Serbia, too. Very soon after arriving home I won National sprint triathlon championships which was pretty difficult race because I raced off of big training block. Even though I was training at home, I started traveling the globe to race the ITU circuit.

Asian cup – Taizhou, China
The first ITU race of the season was held in Taizhou, China where I hoped for cooler weather than what was waiting for me once I got there – 39*C (102*F). I don’t like the heat but China had no mercy and the race was meant to be only for the tough. I had good swim, amazing bike leg and I struggled on the run but overall it was very good race. With 14th position I good amount of points and headed back home for more good trainings.
National aquathlon championships – Pančevo, Serbia
After another block of training it was time for another block of races. It was time to race at home in the temperatures from China. Aquathlon national champs were held at noon on the warmest day of the year. It was really hot! That affected my feeling on the run but not the result. It was yet another win and another elite national champion title (my 7th total).
European premium cup – Holten, the Nederlands
Week later I raced in completely different weather conditions in Holten, the Netherlands. Cold and rainy is exactly what I like and I was happy for such a weather (probably one of a few haha). That race was biggest level race in Europe after European Championships with Richard Murry (4th at the Olympics) on the start. I had good race and with a few small mistakes 30th place was just on the edge to grab some important points.

Balkan triathlon and mixed team relay championships – Ruse, Bukgaria
Good form continued in Bulgaria where I wanted to win the elite men race. After last year’s bronze, this year even I had to satisfy with the silver. I was very pleased with the performance, fastest bike split and especially with my running (both feeling and time). The following day in mixed team relay Serbia I where I was second athlete got the bronze. Another really good race, excited, and for me successful because I had the fastest swim, bike and run split of all the athletes racing that day.

Now I am relaxing at the beach in Greece but not for too long. On Sunday July 23rd I race in Bundesliga for KTT 01, after that I have U23 European Champs, then another Bundesliga race before I leave for the United States. There I have many collegiate races and also two Major League Triathlon (American professional league) races.

Thanks for reading,
And bring the rest of 2017 on!

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