Racing at Major League Triathlon

Before I explain how I got myself into the league let me explain what it is and how it works. Major League Triathlon (MLT) is the first and only American professional triathlon league. It is something like Bundesliga in Germany, or French Grand Prix in France. However, the format is different and that’s what makes it special, exciting, fun and less about “I” but more about “we”. There are 8 teams and 32 athletes (16 men, 16 women) racing in Mixed team relay format. Which means each team has 4 athletes (2 men, 2 women) where each athlete had to complete a mini-triathlon. The distances are 300m swim – 6km bike – 1.6km run. Fast and furious! And what else? Mixed team relay is new triathlon event that will take place at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
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In the two remaining races will be competing for the team called “Carolina Gliders” along with John Erik Rasmussen, Erin Storie and Amber Zimmerman (Canadian and two Americans). First race for me will be in Vail Valley at Avon, Colorado. Beautiful place at the altitude of 2500m, which is not surprising because that is the valley of one of the most famous ski centers in the world – Beaver Creek. 🙂 Two weeks later, my second and MLT’s final race of the season will be held in in Cleveland, Ohio.

You may ask why only two races? Well, not long ago I got an offer to race in MLT as a substitute for my friend and ex roommate from Queens Graham Pimentel. Graham unfortunately is unable to continue racing so one spot opened up and had to be filled. Graham raced first two races, I will race the following two. I’m gutted that he cannot race but I’m glad that, from all possible athletes, marketing manager Dylan Sorensen chose me.

I am ready to do my best, represent Carolina Gliders the way a team from Charlotte deserves. 🙂 But until then, I’m focused on U23 Euro Champs next week and Bundesliga in Grimma in three weeks.

Big thank goes to Dylan Sorensen and Daniel Cassidy for the given opportunity. And also thanks to all of you who are supporting me.


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